The 10 Most Expensive Limos in the World

Throughout the world, the limousine is synonymous with luxury. Here (in order of increasing cost) are 10 limos that really push that opulence to its limits. If you have several million dollars to spare, you might even be able to splash out on the cheapest limo on this list!

1. The Aventador Stretch Limo by Lamborghini

Though it cannot be precisely valued, this distinctive tangerine colored limo offers many luxuries, including a champagne bar.

The Aventador Stretch Limo by Lamborghini

2. The S-600 Pullman by Mercedes-Benz

This 21 foot long limo is on offer for a cool £1 million.

The S-600 Pullman by Mercedes-Benz

3. The Million Euro Mini

This gold and crystal encrusted limousine was the vehicle of choice of Kazakhstan’s Princess Regina. Fit for royalty at over $1.3 million!

The Million Euro Mini

4. The Landaulet by Maybach

A sleek classic from a now defunct brand.

The Landaulet by Maybach

5. The Midnight Rider

This heavy duty limo is actually a tractor! Costing $2.5 million, it is also the heaviest limo in the world.

The Midnight Rider

6. The Beast

A modified tank, this armored limo has been used to transport some of the US’s top figures including the president. Cost? Around $3 million.

7. The Phantom by Rolls Royce

This limo is a real classic, as we would expect from Rolls Royce. One of the most exciting things about it for many drivers is its engine which offers 435 horsepower. Snap it up for $3.8 million.

The Phantom by Rolls Royce

8. The American Dream

So that’s what the American Dream looks like. This long white number bedizened (of course) with American flags is the longest limousine in the whole world. It even contains a helipad, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, a king sized bed and many other luxuries.

9. The Batmobile

Created in 2012 to celebrate the Batman movies, this limo has all of the gadgets that the actual Batmobile has. True Batman fans can purchase this for around $4.2 million.

The Batmobile

10. The Silver Spur by Rolls Royce

Now we come to the world’s most expensive limo. This is not just any Silver Spur, though: it is a customized vehicle owned by the Sultan of Brunei and glittering with 24 carat gold. if you want to approach the Sultan and purchase this limousine from him, then you will need to have $14 million ready to hand.

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